What is Test4Jobs.com?

Test4Jobs.com is a personalized coaching resource that empowers Indian youth in preparing for competitive exams. It gives students the opportunity to practice at their own pace, with tests on topics, sections for full-length formats, giving them a wide range of questions to attempt.

Registration & Login Management

How can I register for www.Test4Jobs.com?

Registration with Test4Jobs.com is free and anybody seeking to participate in online competitive exams can register on the website. Please follow these steps to register:

  • Click on the ‘Register' link on the top right hand of the Home Page.
  • A new page will open and prompt you for some basic information.
  • Please fill in the relevant information and submit by clicking on the "Sign up" button.
  • An activation E-mail will be sent to your registered E-mail address.
  • Verify your E-mail account by clicking on the link sent to your E-mail address.
  • Now Login to www.Test4Jobs.com to verify your Mobile no.

Important Note:Your mobile no. & E-mail address will be the medium for all announcements and future alerts on any package you buy in the future.

How to edit/update your account information?

If you need to make changes to your account information, you can update these from the Settings section on your Dashboard page.

To change account settings:

  • Go to Login & Security Settings
  • Click Edit next to the account information you'd like to update.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and click Save Changes.
  • Click Done after you've completed all your updates.

If you want to change your password, you can reset it from here.

How can I reset my Password?

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it by requesting that a personalized "password reset" link be sent to your e-mail address.

To request a password reset:

  • Go to Forgot Your Password.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. You may be asked to copy the text from a picture in a text entry box (commonly known as a "CAPTCHA"). Make sure to enter the letters in all-caps. If you have a problem reading the "CAPTCHA," we'll give you a chance to try again with a different one. If you continue having an issue with the validation screen, contact us.
  • Follow the instructions in the e-mail sent to the e-mail address on your account.
  • After you've created a new password, it will become active right away.

I am having problems signing in to my account, what could the problem be?

If you're having trouble signing in, the account information you are submitting may be incorrect.

Please check the following:

  • The CAPS Lock and NUM Lock on Your Keyboard
    Your Password is case sensitive, so "PASSWORD" and "Password" are recognised as different passwords.
  • Cross-check the email address you have entered
    Your e-mail address format must be: username@domain.com (or .net, .org, .edu, etc.). If you have more than one e-mail address, be sure that you're using the correct e-mail address and password combination for yourTest4Jobs account.
  • Incorrect Password
    If you have entered the correct e-mail address, recheck the password you have entered. If you are still not able to access the account try to Reset your Password.

Is it possible to give tests just for a specific topic?

Test4Jobs.com’s test papers are organised as per topics, sections and full-length formats. If a student would like to concentrate his practice on a specific section or topic, it is possible. The student will have to subscribe to ‘Topic Name’ Package, select the Topic they would like to practice and make the payment for the same. The tests for that Topic would then appear on their personal Dashboard from where they can begin taking the tests.

Does Test4Jobs.com offer any free test?

Once a student registers with Test4Jobs.com, they can explore how the platform works using our Tester Kit. This package allows students to familiarize themselves with the Test4Jobs.com format and understand how useful it will be for them when preparing for competitive exams.

I am already attending coaching classes. Should I use Test4Jobs.com?

As we explained earlier, Test4Jobs is a coaching resource. While coaching classes concentrate on making the students understand the concept, their focus is not practise tests in an online format. Test4JObs empowers students by allowing them the freedom and taking practice tests at home once they come back home to give test for topics which were covered in class.

Will Test4Jobs.com interfere with my coaching class preparation?

Test4Jobs.com is an add-on to classroom learning. Practice is a must if you aim to crack the competitive exams. Students need to constantly practice questions and track their progress. Test4Jobs.com empowers students to practice regularly at their convenience and push themselves to achieve better and better results

I have taken many online tests. Why should I join Test4Jobs.com?

Test4Jobs.com offers a comprehensive and wide set of questions in its question bank to ensure that a student attempts a wide-ranging sample of questions. This thorough approach to practice combined with the regular monitoring of a student’s progress is a more result oriented approach. Students get details of weak areas and time management. Allowing students to understand their capabilities and plan strategies for taking the competitive exams.

How to buy Test4Jobs.com online test packages?

How can I purchase my subscription to the test4Jobs.com test series?

Students can purchase subscriptions to Test4Jobs test series through their coaching centres or directly from Test4Jobs.com. If you are part of a coaching setup you may request your centre head for help in joining Test4Jobs.com test series. Some coaching centres are already partnered with Test4Jobs.com and will help in making the purchase of the correct package and align the release of online tests with the relevant classes and coaching schedule.

How to place an order on Test4Jobs.com?

If you are studying by yourself:

  • Register on www.Test4Jobs.com
  • Then choose the Competitive Exam you are preparing for from the packages page that can be accessed from the header link on the home page.
  • Now browse the test packages available on the website.
  • Select the package you want by clicking on the Buy button and pay for the package.
  • Once you have paid, the tests in the package you have selected and paid for will automatically be assigned to your Dashboard.

Coaching Centres

I run a Coaching Centre, how will Test4Jobs.com benefit me?

Since most competitive exams are now computer based entrance exams, it will benefit your students to practice online, familiarize themselves with the online pattern and improve their overall performance. It will be an added advantage for Coaching Centres to offer Online Practice Tests to their students.

Will I as a Coaching Centre have to invest in software technology?

Test4Jobs provides coaching centres an added advantage to offer their students. Coaching centres do not have to invest any extra for software technology. Test4jobs will provide the software platform over the Internet.


Who provides the content for Test4Jobs.com?

The Test4Jobs team creates the content for the platform from previous years questions. These are presented to the students who subscribe to the service in a manner such that it provides best exam-level practice for the aspirant.

I think the answer on the website is wrong. What should I do?

We have ensured all the answers on our website are thoroughly checked before they are uploaded in the database. However, in case you find a wrong solution, we would request you to kindly click on “Report Error” on the question page and we’ll re-check the question/answer and rectify the same.


Is there a Last Date by which to enrol for Test4Jobs.com test series?

Every online test series package on www.Test4Jobs.com has a validity date. Students can enrol in any online test series package up to one week prior to Validity Date of the concerned package.

Important Note: Test papers are only available till 18.00 hours on the validity date specified for the package.


Can I cancel my subscription and get a refund?

Test4Jobs.com does not have any option for cancellation of its test series and/or services that have been purchased or subscribed. Once a package has been purchased by you, Test4Jobs does not provide any refund, either totally or partially.

This is one of the reasons why Test4Jobs provides a demo practice test for its customers to go through and familiarize themselves with the online practice test series before a user subscribes to or purchases a package from Test4Jobs.com

Test Process

What is the process for taking a test on Test4Jobs.com?